HEAD COACH - Carolyn Veldhuyzen - Silver License


Head Coach Carolyn Veldhuyzen has over 30 years coaching experience, qualifications include a tertiary Masters Degree in Sports Coaching from  The University of Queensland. The 3 year degree covers a wide range of areas including human movement, physiology, sports psychology, Anatomy & biomechanics, Nutrition, Biomechanics of Swimming, Strength and conditioning and computer analysis programs. Carolyn also has coaching qualifications in Multi Class functional disabilities, Coaching Open Water and Masters coaching. Moving to Adelaide from Port Lincoln in June 2015 Carolyn has been Head Coach of one of SA's most successful regional clubs and club of the year 2014 for 20 years. (1991 - 2000 and 2005 - 2015).  She is a presenter for the Bronze License Coaching Course and a mentor coach as well as a number of swimming teacher courses. 



Assistant Coach  - Keiran Whait - Bronze License

Keiran is a Bronze License Coach working for Iswim at Immanuel College and was a Swimmer with West Coast and a former assistant coach with the Club before moving to University in Adelaide. He is an experienced coach and swimming teacher, with a wide range of knowledge and skills.


Carolyn and Keiran


Assistant Coach - Tristan Glover


Tristan brings to PBA youth, enthusiasm, knowledge and passion.  His coaching philosophy is built upon passing his enthusiasm, passion and technical knowledge onto swimmers and developing each individual’s talent to its fullest potential.







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