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We intend to keep the site up to date in terms of

  • competition meets
  • club news
  • social events
  • contacts details
  • forms and policies
  • club records and achievements

The creation of this site would not have been possible without the generous donations from the following -

  • Shane Boettcher
  • Kevin Richardson
  • Elaine Battersby
  • Jannie Lourens
  • Leigh Vidura
  • Michele Marsh
  • AB Energy NY Pty Ltd
  • Kurt & Ruth Muller
  • Tom’s Car Wash
  • Carol & Peter Muller
  • Grant Heritage
  • Jim Goldner
  • Judy Reid
  • Deb Chenoweth
  • Elaine Laird

Also, a big thank you to Scott Hutton of T20 Graphics ( for designing the site and maintaining humour even when we were at our pedantic best. Thanks to Darren Shaw for his input too.




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